布莱斯康拉德 has served as 总裁兼首席执行官 of bat365官网登录 since 2011. 在他的领导下, 渥太华水电公司已经成为最赚钱的公司之一, 创新和以客户为导向的公用事业在加拿大, regularly winning awards and accolades for customer service and innovation. 除了, bat365官网登录公司的可再生能源发电量增加了两倍, 这使它成为最大的市政清洁器, 安大略的绿色能源.

加入渥太华水电公司之前, Bryce served as Assistant Deputy Minister - Program 操作 at Infrastructure Canada, where he managed the implementation of the $4 billion Infrastructure Stimulus Fund, 监督员工的选择和管理,000个项目创造了超过100亿美元的经济活动. He was also responsible for the oversight and administration of the Building Canada Fund, the Green Infrastructure Fund and the Gas Tax agreements with provinces and 市政ities.

积极的社区冠军, Bryce sits on the 董事会 for The Ottawa Hospital Foundation, and has served on the 董事会 for United Way/Centraide Ottawa since 2014.

布莱斯有丰富的管理经验, serving on the 董事会 for industry associations including the Canadian Electricity Association, 安大略省能源协会, 治理研究所, 电力分销商协会和MEARIE集团.

布莱斯能流利地说两种语言, 并拥有女王大学的文学学士(荣誉)学位, 卡尔顿大学公共管理硕士学位, 以及渥太华大学工商管理硕士学位.



作为首席财务官, 杰夫·辛普森(杰夫•辛普森)负责财务, 财政部, regulatory and risk management groups and is the chief financial spokesperson for the organization. He is a key member of the 行政管理团队 and advises them on matters relating to financial reporting, 预算管理, 成本效益分析, 预测需求和确保新资金.

Geoff拥有超过20年的高级金融经验. 在过去的五年里, he served as Director of Finance and was responsible for financial management, 报告及物料管理. 在加入公司之前, Geoff was Directorate Leader for the Ottawa Police Service and Manager of Financial Support for Transportation, 公用事业公司, 渥太华市的公共工程和发展服务.

Geoff holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce from Carleton University and is a C.P.A., C.G.A.



担任首席配电官, 纪尧姆·帕拉迪斯负责计划, 设计, 操作, construction and maintenance of our electrical power distribution system. 在他的角色, 纪尧姆领导的团队直接负责确保安全, 非常高效。, 为bat365官网登录的客户提供可靠的电力供应.

Guillaume has over a decade of industry experience in progressive leadership roles ranging from research program management to distribution planning, 资产管理, 设计, 和建筑.

Guillaume is fluently bilingual, is a registered Professional 英格ineer in Ontario (P.英格.), and holds a degree in Applied Sciences – Electrical 英格ineering from the University of British Columbia.



作为首席客户官, 朱莉Lupinacci is responsible for developing and implementing the customer strategy, 改变整个客户体验, 并根据客户需求指导业务方向. 在她的角色, 朱莉负责客户服务, 通讯及公共事务, 以及养护和需求管理团队. 她负责客户服务, 市场营销, 产品开发, 外部通信, 公共事务, 企业声誉, 和品牌资产功能.

有超过15年的客户服务经验, 销售和营销, 朱莉拥有广泛的商业背景,包括项目管理, 客户/供应商关系, 国际合作伙伴项目管理, 采购, 销售, 市场营销, 和程序开发.

Julie is fluently bilingual and holds a Masters of Business Administration from University of Ottawa and is a Certified Sales Professional (CSP).  



作为渥太华水电的首席人力资源官, Lyne is responsible for providing leadership and guidance on all matters related to people, 安全, 环境和业务连续性管理.

经验丰富的行政人员和人力资源专家, 莱恩在人力资源领域拥有超过30年的经验, 曾在能源公司担任过各种管理职务, 市政, 卫生保健和非营利部门.

Lyne is fluently bilingual and holds a Master of Industrial Relations from Queens University, as well as a Bachelor of Public Administration from Carleton University. Lyne has been trained in human resources governance practices through the Conference Board of Canada and McMaster University and holds certifications in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Leadership Development.

Lyne is a member of Electricity Human Resources Canada’s 董事会 and a member of the Canadian Electricity Association’s Human Resources Committee. Lyne also holds memberships in the Human Resources Professionals Association, the Society for Human Resource Management and the Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute.



担任首席信息和技术官, 马克·费尔南德斯 provides vision and leadership for the 发展 and implementation of technology initiatives that support the advancement of bat365官网登录's business strategy and priorities. 在他的角色, Mark监督技术规划和治理, 网络安全, 网格技术, 企业架构, 系统开发和集成以及IT/OT操作.

加入渥太华水电公司之前, Mark worked in the business and consumer software industry for over 16 years managing IT Strategy, 操作, 电子商务, Web开发, 云基础设施模型, 以及兼并和收购.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Commerce and Sociology from the University of Bombay. He has also completed his post-graduate studies in Information Technology from the Information Technology Institute Ottawa and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Adnan Khokhar

Adnan Khokhar

担任首席能源和基础设施服务官, Adnan Khokhar负责能源服务, infrastructure management and business 发展 functions at bat365官网登录. This includes the delivery of a full range of expert energy related services to the commercial sector.

He has held senior leadership roles in 市场营销, 销售, supply chain and product management. He supports our corporate goals and initiatives by driving focused strategies that are coupled with superior 操作al execution. 加入渥太华水电公司之前, Adnan has worked in the telecom and networking equipment industries for Ciena, 北电网络和AT&T加拿大.

Adnan是一名特许专业会计师, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University and an MBA from Queen’s University.



格雷格•克拉克拥有超过27年的能源服务经验, energy performance contracting and renewable power generation to Energy Ottawa. 担任首席发电官, 他监督计划, 发展, construction and financing of the company's renewable power generation projects and the 操作s of its existing generating facilities.  

Greg also represents the interests of Energy Ottawa on the boards of PowerTrail Inc. 以及该公司与IGRS公司的合资企业Moose Creek Energy LP. 将垃圾填埋气体转化为能源的工厂. 此外,他是Chaudière Water Power Inc .的董事会成员., the company that is jointly owned by Energy Ottawa and Hydro Quebec that owns the ring dam at Chaudière Falls.  

在加入渥太华能源公司之前, Greg was the General Manager of one of Canada’s leading energy performance contracting firms, 他在哪里管理能源审计, 可行性研究, 工程设计, 能源改造项目. 在他职业生涯的早期, he also worked in various capacities in the Ontario utility industry and developed energy management programs and time-of-use rate structures for several large organizations.