bat365官网登录 launches ‘Know 安全, No Accidents’ campaign to raise awareness about dangers of electricity


OTTAWA – bat365官网登录 has launched its new “Know 安全, No Accidents” campaign to educate the public about staying safe around electricity, and when in proximity to the utility’s power lines and equipment.

这个活动, which continues until March 2022, is in response to a 2020 Public Awareness of Electrical 安全 计分卡 survey, which resulted in an index of 72 per cent amongst Ottawa residents. 调查, which has occurred every two years since 2016, consists of six core questions that were developed through a province-wide industry consultation, before it was ultimately approved by the Ontario Energy Board. The goal of bat365官网登录’s campaign is to improve Ottawa’s overall safety score, while increasing awareness and ultimately preventing incidents and injuries across our community, including groups that are most at-risk of encountering safety hazards, including contractors and subcontractors such as heavy equipment operators, 挖掘机, 和市政工人.

bat365官网登录’s latest campaign will include radio and online advertising, 直接邮件, email and web-based educational resources, as well as a contest (in 2022). The company also hopes to work with community partners, first responders and the City of Ottawa to further raise awareness and increase public education around electricity safety.

In parallel to this campaign, bat365官网登录 continues to offer in-school presentations to demystify electrical safety and conservation for students from kindergarten to grade 8 through a partnership with Electricity 安全 & 保护. 自2001年以来, the initiative has helped deliver more than 2,393 presentations in 427 elementary schools across Ottawa, 教学279人以上,440 students to “become as smart as a fox” about electricity.

For more information about bat365官网登录’s public safety campaign, including tips and resources, visit its dedicated page at

Outlined below are the percentage of respondents that selected the ‘best answer’ for each of the six core questions in bat365官网登录’s 2020 survey.


  • Proximity to overhead power lines: 17 per cent of survey respondents believe you should maintain a distance of three to six metres from an overhead power line.
  • Likelihood to call before you dig: 44 per cent said they would definitely call Ontario One Call before digging.
  • Proximity to a downed power line: 58 per cent believe you should maintain 10 metres or more from a downed power line.
  • Danger of touching electrical equipment: 77 per cent say it’s ‘very dangerous’ to tamper with bat365官网登录’s electrical equipment.
  • Appropriate action: 81 per cent believe it’s safer to stay in their vehicle when it’s in contact with a downed power line.
  • Impact of touching a power line: 88 per cent say it’s ‘very dangerous’ to touch an overhead power line.


“安全 is and will always be at the core of everything we do, and this public safety campaign is a reflection of this commitment to our employees at work, and to our entire community. 每年, 在我们的城市, we continue to see a number of power line contacts which can cause injury or even be fatal. I hope this campaign raises that level of understanding of how crucial it is to stay mindful around electricity whether you are playing outside with friends and family, 在家里整理院子, 或者在工作中.”

- Bruce Lang, Director of 健康、安全 and Environment




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